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How To Build An HTPC: Part 2 : Chassis nMediaPC 6000B

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nMediaPC 6000B Review Summary

nMediaPC 6000B HTPC Case


3.8 out of 5
For my MythTV Frontend/Backend HTPC I chose the nMedia PC 6000B chassis.  The 6000B is about the size of a mid tower case but is styled to look more like A/V equipment than a standard PC case. The design is simple and elegant looking

Build quality is what you would expect for a lower priced PC case but the 6000B feels sturdy enough and I didn't find any sharp edges while working inside the chassis. The case holds up to 6 internal hard drives, 1 optical drive and comes with 3 very quiet fans. 
Check Prices: Newegg

How To Build An HTPC: Part I : Hardware

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Now that I've decided on an HD DVR system it is time to select the computer components that would make up my HTPC.

I am planning on using the free, open source MythTV software to act as my media center and I plan on running it on Ubuntu using the MythBuntu distribution so my hardware selections factored in compatibility with Linux. The hardware below should also perform well if you plan on using Windows Media Center.

In future posts I'll go into more detail about the hardware and how to put everything together but bellow is my HTPC hardware requirements and the hardware I chose to meet those requirements.